Diffusion/Annealing Furnaces

  • 6" Tube oxidation furnace – max temperature 1100oC
  • 2" Tube oxidation/annealing furnace – max temperature 1000oC
  • High Temperature CM furnace – max temperature 1600oC
  • Rapid Thermal Annealing furnace (Custom) – max temperature 1000oC
  • Box furnace – max temperature 900oC
  • Vacuum furnace – max temperature 1050oC
  • CVD Graphene/Carbon nanotube growth furnace – max temperature 1050oC

CVD Graphene/Carbon Nanotube Growth Furnace

Brief Description:

The CVD Furnace is designed for the growth of various nanomaterials, such as graphenes and carbon nanotubes, using ultra-high purity methane (CH4) and hydrogen (H2) at temperatures up to 1050 Celsius. It has two ultra-high purity Argon (Ar) gas delivery lines to allow using Ar as the carrier gas. The CH4 and H2 flows can be controlled in the range of 0-50 sccm and 0-100 sccm, respectively. The Ar flow can be controlled within a range of 0-1000 sccm. Equipped with a pump, the system could also provide a vacuum environment with a level of down to 2 mTorr.

CVD Graphene/Carbon nanotube growth furnace
CVD Graphene/Carbon nanotube growth furnace


  • Maximum temperature: 1050 Celsius;
  • Tube type and size: Quartz Tube, 1 inch outside diameter with a length of 24 inches or longer;
  • Source gases: Methane (CH4), Hydrogen (H2). All ultra-high purity;
  • Carrier gases: ultra-high purity Argon (Ar) or ultra-high purity Nitrogen (N2);
  • Flow rate control: Ar, 0-1000 sccm; CH4,  0-50 sccm; H2,  0-100 sccm;
  • Vacuum: about 2.5 mTorr.

Location:  MRL 322
Hours of Operation: 24-hour access
Fubo Rao, Ph.D.
Research Engineer, MRL 380
(217) 244-6202