Temporary MicroFab Cleanroom and Instruments Relocation

During the ESCO construction work in the building, selected tools (mask aligners, ovens, etc.) will be moved to labs 359 and 362 (Raith prep room) so that most of the processing work can still be done during the outage period.  All acid work will be done in room 359 and all lithography will be performed in 362. The temporary layout of tools to be available in these two labs can be found here (please review the location of safety equipment in each of these labs):



Here are important procedures for closure/opening days:

  • Please remove all materials you may have in the main cleanroom (cleanroom gowns, tool boxes, etc.) by Sunday Dec 3rd at 6 pm.
  • The new temporary cleanroom space (labs 359 and 362) will not be available until Dec 6 at 1 pm so that tools can be moved out from the old cleanroom. During this period, staff will move acids and metal etchants to room 359. Solvents and developers will be moved to room 362. Photoresists will be moved to a new fridge in room 364 (the Raith prep gowning room). Therefore no cleanroom space will be available in the facilities during this short period of Dec 4 at 8 am until Dec 6 at 1 pm when the new temporary cleanroom labs will open.
  • All researchers will be able to use both 359 and 362 to continue their work.  Key card access will be updated.
  • When using room 359, users must sign in at the computer right inside that room. When using the Raith prep room, users must log in at the computer inside room 364. You must sign out when you leave each of the rooms.
  • Due to space limitations, no gown storage will be available during this period. Users are required to bring their cleanroom gowns with them in order to use rooms 359 and 362. Current users must remove their gowns from room 313 this week (by Sunday 6 pm). Ziplock bags will be available in 313 this week for storage and transportation of cleanroom garb.
  • Procedure for gowning in 359/362:
  • Card into the room.
  • Sign into the Cleanroom/RaithPrep on the computer.
  • Put gown on.
  • Enter room to perform your work.

We apologize for the inconvenience but this is necessary as part of the ESCO renovation project in order to make all the Microfab/Cleanroom labs better. Please let us know if you have any questions.

MRL Microfab/Cleanroom Staff