PANalytical Phillips X’pert MRD system #1

Equipment Location: 
148 MRL


The PANalytical MRD system #1 features:

theta/2theta vertical four-circle system with phi, psi rotations and x,y,z sample translation, high-speed PIXcel line detector (pixel size 55 microns).

Radiation / wavelength: Cu K-alpha 1, 0.154056 nm (high-resolution) or Cu K-alpha, 0.15418 nm (Bragg-Brentano)


Main Optics

  • Option 1: Line focus beam, high-resolution parallel beam configuration with hybrid mirror with x-ray mirror and 2-bounce monochromator (beam divergence = 30 arc-sec), high-speed line detector PIXcel© with scatter slit.
  • Option 2: Line focus beam high-speed Bragg-Brentano configuration with programmable divergence slit and high-speed line detector PIXcel© with scatter slit and Ni filter.
  • Other options: high-resolution configurations with x-ray mirror and 4-bounce Ge monochromator (beam divergence = 12 arc-sec) and/or open detector and/or triple-axis analyzer crystal (12 arc-sec acceptance).
  • Optional attachment: dome-shaped Anton Paar DHS900 hot stage for in-situ high temperature (up to 900°C) analysis under air or vacuum


  • High resolution rocking curve analysis.
  • High resolution analysis of lattice constant, strain, residual stress, crystallographic orientation, diffuse scattering, dislocation density, reciprocal lattice mapping. Typical materials: epitaxial thin films and single crystal materials.
  • X-ray reflectivity (thin film thickness, density, porosity, interface and surface roughness and correlation).
  • Ultra-fast Bragg-Brentano applications for samples with vertical mount: phase determination, crystallographic structure determination, etc.
  • In-situ high-temperature (up to 900oC) XRD and XRF analysis including temperature-dependent reciprocal space mapping, pole figures, etc.