Graphene Furnace – Max Temp. 1050°C

The Graphene Furnace is solely dedicated to the growth of high-quality graphene and carbon nanotube materials. No other processes allowed in this furnace.

Ultra-high purity methane (CH4), hydrogen (H2) and Argon (Ar) are available for the growth of the above mentioned nanomaterials at temperatures up to 1050 Celsius. CH4 and H2 flows can be controlled in the range of 0-50 sccm. The Ar flow can be controlled in a range of 0-1500 sccm. It is equipped with an oil-free pump to provide an oil-free environment for growth of high-quality graphenes and carbon nanomaterials.


  • Maximum temperature: 1050 Celsius;
  • Tube type and size: Quartz Tube, 1 inch outside diameter with a length of 40 inches;
  • Users are suggested to bring their own quartz tube for their growth;
  • Source gases: Methane (CH4), Hydrogen (H2). All ultra-high purity;
  • Carrier gases: ultra-high purity Argon (Ar);
  • Flow rate control: Ar, 0-1000 sccm; CH4, 0-50 sccm; H2, 0-50 sccm;
  • No powdery samples allowed.



Research Assistant Professor, MRL