FEI Strata Dual Beam 235 SEM/FIB

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The FEI Strata has many capabilities and features, including:

  • Microscopic Imaging: The electron column is equipped with a Schottky thermal field emission gun that provides a resolution < 2.5 nm for accelerating voltages between 0.2 to 30 keV. The up to 30 keV ion column with a gallium metal ion source provides currents ranging from 1 pA to 22 nA.  In ion beam imaging (secondary electrons) the resolution is 7 nm @ 1 pA beam current. The concurrent use of the ion and electron microscopes has a synergistic effect and significantly expands the capabilities of both.
  • Nanofabrication: The DB-FIB is a fabrication tool with which researchers can build devices on a nanoscale. Using the Ga ion beam one can remove material (etch) from the surface in a controlled pattern. Furthermore, using electron or ion beam assisted CVD, it is possible to selectively deposit platinum metal with line-widths down to several nanometers. The dimension of the lines can be further controlled by selective removal/etching with the ion beams.
  • TEM Sample Preparation: The combination of high-resolution imaging with controlled etching allows the user to identify areas of interest on a sample and prepare site specific cross-sectional or plan view TEM samples. An in-situ micromanipulator allows the TEM sample to be extracted, mounted and thinned on a grid for analysis in the TEM.