Bio Services

The MRL facilities has a service lab for biological and soft materials.

Our lab offers:

  • Consultations to find out what is needed for your project. 
  • In-house negative staining for virus, bacteria, protein, polymers, nanoparticles etc. This includes our own custom made formvar grids as well as our grids covered only in carbon, using our own stains. Bring your sample to an appointment, and let us do the rest for you while you watch.
  • SEM preparation for biological materials is also available and we will custom make our  SEM prep procedure just for you.
  • Full embedding and microtoming services, including cryo-ultramicrotomy.  We do offer training on both of these techniques.
  • Soft materials can be embedded and microtomed for TEM sections or have the block face polished for AFM, EDX, nano indentation and other specialized procedures.
  • For biological samples, we off free fixative for that perfect ultrastructure look.    The full embedding procedure can be done for you in epoxy or specialized resins. Sectioning can be done for light microscopy at 0.35 microns or for TEM viewing at 60-100 nm, and includes all needed staining.   Our samples range from fibers and tissue to bacteria and protein, as well as hydrogel and other soft materials.

We have experience in viewing zoo pathology, human medicine, virology and all sorts of biological samples including plant material. We can assist in your observation at the scope.

Our service lab is equipped with it’s own wide view, low KV TEM with which we can assist in viewing at appointments, but instrument training is not done on this instrument.

Check with our consultant: Lou Ann Miller