Becoming an MRL User

(instructions for researchers from any University of Illinois campus)

Steps 1-4 can be done in any order, and these first steps are done online.

1.  Submit a proposal

MRL proposal form

You will receive a confirmation email upon submission, and your proposal will be reviewed by MRL staff to evaluate the safety and feasibility of your project using the technique(s) you requested.

2.  Complete DRS online safety training

UI Division of Research Safety (DRS)

Complete Laboratory Safety Training and Chemical Safety: An Introduction.  Save electronic (PDF) copies of your DRS certificates.

3.  Complete the MRL Orientation

MRL Orientation online course

The orientation covers how to work safely and effectively in the MRL Central Research Facilities, as well as how to request training and schedule instrument time.

4.  Review the MRL Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP)

BEAP online training

Safety is the top priority in MRL.  This training covers building safety, and all MRL users must complete the BEAP training annually.

After completing steps 1-4, request hands-on instrument training through the MRL online schedule system.

5.  Become trained by MRL staff on the instruments

Request training

After you have been fully trained on an instrument or piece of equipment, you will be able to reserve time to use it independently.



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