MRL Fall Conference 2017

The 6th Annual MRL Fall Conference will be held November 8 & 9, 2017 at the Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus.

Online Registration is OPEN


   7:45    Registration and Continental Breakfast

   8:45    MRL Fall Conference Welcome
              Dr. Mauro Sardela, UIUC
              Director, MRL Central Research Facilities

   9:00    Surface Mechanics of Polyacrylamide Hydrogels
              Following Wear

Michael Atten

   9:20    Sequential Infiltration of Two-Photon Polymerized
              3D Structures

Jacek Lechowicz

   9:40    A Facile Chemical Strategy to Hydrophobically Modify Solid
              Nanoparticles Using Inverted Micelles for Efficient
              Intracellular Delivery

              Enrique Daza

 10:00    Poster Session 1 (Atten, Lechowicz, Daza) and Break

 10:30    The Role of Membrane Complexity in Cellular Delivery: A
              Materials Characterization and Processing Challenge

              Dr. Cecilia Leal, UIUC
              Department of Materials Science and Engineering

 11:15    Nanosalina: A Tale of Saline-Loving Algae from Lake's Agony 
              to Cancer Therapy
              Fatemeh Ostadhossein

 11:40    Poster Session 2 (Ostadhossein, Fathi) and Lunch

   1:00    Molecular Theranostics: An Important Application for Biological
              and Materials

              Dr. King Li, UIUC
              Dean, Carle Illinois College of Medicine

   1:45    Stain-Free, Slide-Free Molecular Histopathology of Tissues Using
              Multimodal Nonlinear Optical Imaging

              Dr. Stephen Boppart, UIUC
              Head, Beckman Institute Biophotonics Imaging Lab

   2:30    Poster Session 3 (Malagari, Srivastava) and Break

   3:00    Personalized Absorbable Gastrointestinal Stents for
              Intestinal Fistulae and Perforations

  Parinaz Fathi

   3:20    In Situ Time-Dependent and Progressive Oxidation of Reduced
              State Functionalities at the Nanoscale of Carbon Dots for
              Multiscale Near-Infrared Imaging

              Indrajit Srivastava

   3:40    Mie Resonance Based All Dielectric Nanoresonators Fabricated
              Using Precision Silica Nanosphere Lithography

              Shyamala Devi Malagari

   4:00    MRL Tours


   8:00    Continental Breakfast

   8:45    Introduction
              Dr. Paul Braun, UIUC
              Director, Materials Research Laboratory

   9:00    Engineering Novel Nanocrystals with Unconventional
              Properties Employing Cation Exchange

Progna Banerjee

   9:20    Microscale Probe for Intracellular Thermometry
              Manjunath Rajagopal

   9:40    Ultra-Sensitive and Highly Specific Electrochemical Sensing of
              Prostate Specific Antigen in Human Saliva

              Muhammad Khan

 10:00    Poster Session 4 (Banerjee, Khan, Rajagopal) and Break

 10:30    Soft Tissue Indentation: Tips and Tricks for Successful
              Experiments and Data Interpretation

              Dr. Amy Wagoner Johnson, UIUC
              Beckman Institute

 11:15    Local Activation of a Mechanophore Functionalized
              Solid Interface

  Jaeuk Sung

 11:45    Poster Session 5 (Sung, Yao, Yoon) and Lunch

   1:00    Graphene Nanoelectronics
              Dr. Nadya Mason, UIUC
              Department of Physics

   1:45    Investigation of Stress and Structural Evolution in
              Electroplated Thick Ni Film

Yifan Yao

   2:05    Surface Oxidation of Metal Nanoparticles
              Aram Yoon

   2:30    Break (Judges final conferring session)

   3:00    A Novel Hybrid Nanoindenter for the Facile and Precise 
              Mechanical characterization of Soft Materials
              Ryan J. Seelbach, IonOptix, LLC

   3:50    IR Spectrometry
              Dr. Jeremy Rowlette, DRS Daylight Solutions

   4:40    Announcement of competition winners




Students and postdocs were invited to participate in a research poster and oral presentation competition with a cash prize for each winner.The deadline for submitting abstracts was Monday, October 16.  
Competition Rules

Post-Conference Activities:


 10:00    Mid-IR QCL Spectral Microsopy: Bringing Label-Free,
              Video Rate Chemical Imaging Modalities to the 
              Materials and Life Sciences (280 MRL)
              Dr. Jeremy Rowlette
              Sr. Director, Daylight Solutions, San Diego, CA

 11:00    Demos in 133 MRL into the afternoon