Third Annual Biological Imaging Workshop

The Third Annual Biological Imaging Workshop will be held on November 12-13, 2014 at the Materials Research Laboratory on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Campus.

The Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) at the University of Illinois offers an array of characterization tools which enable a wide range of structural research in biological and advanced materials systems. To further educate our user base in the number of options available to them we are hosting a two-day workshop devoted to specimen perparatoin and techniques in optical, electron andscanning probe imaging. Every year there are different topics. This year there will be three talks on biological AFM. Talk with our staff and tour all three core facilities on the UIUC campus (MRL, Beckman Institute and Institute for Genomic Biology). Participate in an expanded vendor fair, demonstrations, and enjoy fellowship and good food!
Registration for both days of the workshop is $60.

Speakers and General Topics:

Dr. Bill Wilson, MRL: devices to make proteins on the nano scale
Dr. David Hall, Albert Einstein College of Medicine: multiple high tech solutions for Biological samples/ C. elegans
Dr. Mayandi Sivaguru, IGB: confocal and the shape of pollen
Dr. Adam Stern, Veterinary Medicine: the art of histology
Linda Arseneau, DRS: biological safety
Dr. James Nardi, Entomology: preparing insects for microscopy
Dr. Scott MacLaren, MRL: biological AFM
Lou Ann Miller, MRL: biological TEM
Dr. Stephane Lezmi, Veterinary Medicine: immunohistochemistry
Dr. Dimitar Stamov, JPK: AFM correlation to light microscopy
Dr. Mark Reitsma, Oxford - Asylum: biological AFM

Prepare to face-off at our new student competition feature!

This year there will also be a student poster and presentation competition (participants will be expected to do both). The presentation will be for 20 minutes and should include work and images done by the student (staff-assisted is permitted). Judging will be by MRL staff, faculty presenters and vendors. Prizes and monetary awards will be given by workshop sponsors at the end of the workshop.

The deadline for submitting materials for the oral student competitions is October 10.

Details and rules about the student competitions:

Oral Presentation Competition

Poster Presentation Competition

Workshop Poster PDF (Tabloid)

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