67th Annual PE Conference

Prof. Tai Chiang
Prof. Tai Chiang

As part of its outreach activities, the Center for Microanalysis of Materials and Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory has hosted and will continue to host, a variety of National/Regional conferences with topics of interest to the materials research community. Past conferences have had a strong emphasisis on the characterization of materials at the nanoscale.

The 67th Annual Physical Electronics Conference

June 19-22, 2007

The 67th Annual Physical Electronics Conference, including the prestigious Nottingham Prize Competition for best presentation based on doctoral research, was held at the Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory on the University of Illinois campus, Urbana, Illinois. This topical conference will provide a forum for the dissemination and discussion of new research results in the physics and chemistry of surfaces and interfaces. The conference to emphasized fundamental science in materials systems, including metals, semiconductors, insulators and biomaterials. Experimental and theoretical talks on research performed at exposed (gas-solid), buried (liquid-solid and solid-solid) and hybrid (e.g., semiconductor-biomaterial) were given. Representative topics included electronic, chemical, magnetic, and structural properties of interfaces; kinetics and dynamics of physical and chemical transformations at surfaces; formation, modeling, and properties of nanoscale-mesoscale surface architectures; biological interactions with surfaces; mechanisms of surface and interface growth and evolution; and energy and electron transfer processes across materials interfaces. Properties of structurally and chemically tailored surfaces were of interest, as was new methods of measuring these properties and the demonstration of new applications.

The Physical Electronics Conference was very successful - some photos