25th Annual Symposium on Applied Surface Analysis

Attendees at conference

As part of its outreach activities, the Center for Microanalysis of Materials and Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory has hosted and will continue to host, a variety of National/Regional conferences with topics of interest to the materials research community. Past conferences have had a strong emphasisis on the characterization of materials at the nanoscale.

Surface Analysis 2003- 25th Annual Symposium on Applied Surface Analysis

June 3-6, 2003

The Conference provided a forum for scientists in all disciplines to discuss advances in surface analysis techniques and their application to thin films, semiconductors, composites, ceramics, polymers, biomaterials, catalysts, tribology, adhesion, and other material systems. Topics of particular interest were imaging with high lateral resolution and applications of quantitative surface analysis. Attention was be given to these topics as they apply to techniques such as AES, XPS, SIMS, RBS, SPM, NRA, and sputter-depth profiling, as well as to emerging techniques.

The symposium consisted of invited papers, contributed papers and posters, and an equipment exhibition.