AMC 2016 Program

Advanced Materials Characterization Workshop 2016

Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


All presentations are in Room 190
Engineering Sciences Building Auditorium

 8:00       Registration & Coffee/Breakfast
               FS-MRL Main Hallway

 8:45       Welcome & MRL Overview
               Mauro Sardela, FS-MRL University of Illinois

 8:55       Tutorial 1:
               Scanning Electron Microscopy/Focused Ion Beam
               Wacek Swiech, FS-MRL, University of Illinois

10:00      Coffee Break FS-MRL Main Hallway

10:30      Tutorial 2:
               Biological Microscopy Techniques
               Lou Ann Miller, FS-MRL, University of Illinois

11:00      Tutorial 3:
               Atomic Force Microscopy
               Scott MacLaren, FS-MRL, University of Illinois

12:05      Lunch Room 201 FS-MRL

 1:10       High Speed, High Resolution Nanoscale Tomography
               Measurements of Low Z Engineered Materials

               Tom McNulty, Rigaku Americas Corporation

 1:30       Quantitative AM-FM Mode for Fast and Versatile Imaging
               of Nanoscale Elastic Modulus         

               Marta Kocun, Asylum Research and Oxford Instruments

 1:50       In-situ and Real Time Study of SEI Formation on Anode in
               a Lithium Battery Cell Using Atomic Force Microscope
  Song Xu, Keysight Technologies

 2:10       Cryogen-Free Scanning Probe Microscopy: the Solution for 
               Atomic Scale Surface Science Below 10 Kelvin without Liquid

               Craig Wall, RHK Technology

 2:30       Tutorial 4:
               Rutherford Backscattering
               Tim Spila, FS-MRL, University of Illinois

 3:00       Coffee Break FS-MRL Main Hallway

 3:30       An Introduction to Elemental Analysis by ED-XRF
               and and Overview of its Applications to Materials
               Characterization Laboratories

               Justin Masone, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

 3:50       Tutorial 5:
               X-ray Analysis Methods (XRD, XRR, SAXS)
               Mauro Sardela, FS-MRL, University of Illinois

 5:30       Reception FS-MRL Main Hallway


 8:00       Coffee/Breakfast
               FS-MRL Main Hallway

 8:45       Tutorial 6:
               Optical Characterization Methods
               Julio Soares, FS-MRL, University of Illinois

 9:50       IR Spectroscopy--Breaking the Diffraction Limit
               Jay Anderson, Anasys Instruments

10:10      Coffee Break FS-MRL Main Hallway

10:40      Bringing Hard Radiation Back to the Laboratory

               Scott Speakman, PANalytical, Inc.

11:00      Tutorial 7:
               X-ray Electron Spectroscopy/
               Auger Electron Spectroscopy (Part 1)

               Rick Haasch, FS-MRL, University of Illinois

11:30      Tutorial 8:
               Kathy Walsh, FS-MRL, University of Illinois

12:00      Lunch (Room 201 FS-MRL)

 1:10       Transition Mode Reactive Sputtering by Plasma
               Emission Monitor Control
               Craig Outten, Denton Vacuum LLC

 1:30       Tutorial 9:
               X-ray Electron Spectroscopy/
               Auger Electron Spectroscopy (part 2)

               Rick Haasch, FS-MRL, University of Illinois

 2:00       Tutorial 10:
               Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
               Tim Spila, FS-MRL, University of Illinois

 2:40       Coffee Break FS-MRL Main Hallway

 3:00       Tutorial 11:
               Transmission Electron Microscopy
               Wacek Swiech and CQ Chen, FS-MRL, University of Illinois

 4:15       Lab Tours

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