Advanced Materials Characterization Workshop 2017 Presentations

Downloadable PDF Versions of AMC2017 Presentations

An Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy and Focused Ion Beams
Jim Mabon, Wacek Swiech, Honghui Zhou, CQ Chen and Jade Wang, MRL, UIUC

Transmission Electron Microscopy
Wacek Swiech, CQ Chen, Jim Mabon and Honghui Zhou, MRL, UIUC

Recent Atom Probe Tomography Evolution
Jimeng Chen, CAMECA, AMETEK Materials Analysis Division

X-ray Analysis Methods
Mauro Sardela, MRL, UIUC

In-situ Imaging Electrochemistry Reaction with Atomic Force Microsope and 3D Desktop Manufacturing in Developing Electrochemistry Cells
Song Xu, Keysight/Agilent Technologies

X-ray Analyses of Ceramics: A look into how X-ray Technology is Utilized in the Ceramics
Jeremy Karr, Shimadzu

HIPIMS Sputtering: The New Generation of Advanced HIPIMS Solutions for R&D and Process Development
Jason Hrebik, Kurt J. Lesker Company

Optical Characterization
Julio A.N.T. Soares, MRL, UIUC

nano-FTIR: Material Characterization with Nanoscale Spatial Resolution
Tobias Gokus, neaspec

High-Temperature Nanoindentation up to 810 °C: Experimental Optimization
Pierre Morel, Anton Paar