General information

2014 MRL Lab and Office Safety Inspection

The MRL Safety Committee will begin inspection of offices and labs in MRL, MRL/ESB Interpass, and ESB on March 10, 2014. We anticipate that the safety inspections will be completed by March 28, 2014. ( Full Safety Inspection Calendar PDF ) This is a good time to self-inspect your offices and labs prior to the official safety inspection so you can clean up and correct any problems you find. Once you have reviewed the long form and its instructions, the short form allows you to perform inspections in your own labs more easily without missing elements of the inspection process.

It is recommended that research groups use their group safety representative to coordinate efforts. While optional, we have found it to be mutually beneficial if someone is present during the official inspection. We will again estimate our progress through the buildings and make an inspection schedule available on the Inspection Calendar for 2014 (link coming soon).

NOTE: A completed Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) with a Laboratory Chemical Inventory and lab-specific SOPs is REQUIRED for all labs. Please make an effort to complete these important, necessary documents before the safety inspection. Remember, these should be reviewed and updated at least annually.

Feel free to contact the Safety Committee before inspections begin if you have questions.
Thank you for your effort in continuing to make MRL a safer work environment.

Doug Jeffers
2014 Chair, MRL Safety Committee

The links below will assist you in preparing for the inspection: