Safety Policy Statement

The College of Engineering is dedicated to protecting the environment, health, and safety for all those who work or visit the College as well as protecting our community. Thus, the College pledges to:

  • Create a safe and healthy workplace;
  • Maintain a respect for the environment; and
  • Respect and adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and University environmental, health, and safety requirements

The College supports and follows the edicts expounded in the Campus Administrative Manual’s Environmental Health and Safety directive which includes the responsibility for safety at each level of the organization: Dean/Director/Head, PI/Investigator/Supervisor, and Student/Employee/Visitor. To help us meet our safety responsibilities, I have charged the College’s Office of Safety to act as a resource for research and occupational safety, and to liaise with University safety and security resources and external regulatory bodies, as appropriate.

Only by working together with a shared goal of safety and security can we achieve a safe and healthy work environment for all those who work, study, or visit the College of Engineering.

Andreas C. Cangellaris, Dean
August 2015


General Information


Safety resources

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory. Handling and Management of Chemical Hazards. NRC (National Research Council). National Academy Press: Washington, DC, 2011.

Identifying and Evaluating Hazards in Research Laboratories. ACS (American Chemical Society)2015.