Micro/Nanofabrication Instruments

The Micro/Nanofabrication Facility offers:

Clean Room

The class-1000 clean room is more than 1,400-square feet and is housed on the third floor of the MRL. The clean room provides chemicals and equipment for doing lithography and wet chemistry processes for micro structures as well as multi-layer devices.

Deposition Tools

  • Atomic layer deposition (Cambridge Nanotech)
  • Thermal Evaporation (Common Wealth Scientific)
  • Thermal Evaporation (Kurt J. Lesker Nano 36)
  • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PE-CVD, PlasmaTherm/Unaxis SLR730)
  • ATC 2000 custom four gun Co-sputtering system (AJA International)
  • AJA Current Source Configuration
  • Temescal six pocket E-Beam Evaporation Systems (quantity 3: Ebeam 1, 2 and 4)
  • Temescal four pocket E-Beam Evaporation Systems (quantity 1: Ebeam 3)

Maximum deposition thickness for all E-beam systems is 300 nm. In Ebeam 3, special depositions with film thickness > 300 nm and < 1 µm may be allowed only when approved by Staff. There might be an additional surcharge in these cases.

Dry Etching Tools

  • Reactive Ion Etch (Plasma Therm)
  • Reactive Ion Etch (Nano-master)
  • Reactive Ion Etch (March)
  • O2 Plasma Etch/Asher (LFE)
  • 8cm Ion Mill (Common Wealth Scientific)

Lithograhy Tools

  • Spin Coater Systems (qty. 3)
  • MJB3 Mask Aligner (Suss Microtech, quantity 2)
  • UV Exposure System (Oriel)
  • Nano engineering workstation (eLine RAITH)

Diffusion/Annealing Furnaces

  • 6" Tube oxidation furnace
  • 2" Tube oxidation furnace
  • 2" Tube Inert gas annealing furnace
  • High Temperature CM furnace
  • Rapid thermal annealing furnace (Custom)
  • Box furnace (quantity 2)

Bonding Stations

  • 4524 Au Wire Ball Bonder (K&S)
  • Al Wire Wedge Bonder (K&S)

Probe Stations

  • Temperature Controlled Vacuum Probe Station (Lake Shore/Desert Cryo)
  • DC Bench Top Probe Station (Custom)
  • 4155c Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer (Agilent), used with Lake Shore and custom probe station
  • RF-1 Probe Station (Cascade)
  • E5062A Network Analyzer (Agilent)

Other Resources

  • Optical Microscopes with CCD cameras
  • N2 Glove Box Fabrication System (Mbraun)
  • Nano Tube Growth furnace (Custom)

Contact microfabstaff@mrl.illinois.edu for training or other inquiries.