Microfab Staff

The Micro/Nanofabrication Facility is a member of the MRL Central Facilities.

Microfab device
Microfab device

Daily operations are maintained by the MRL Microfab Staff: Shiva Bhaskaran, Edward Chainani, Tao Shang and Xiaoli Wang, with senior research responsibiilty resting with Tim Spila and William Wilson (MRL Facilties Director).

Shiva Bhaskaran
3027 MRL
sbhas at illinois.edu

Edward Chainani
369 MRL
echaina2 at illinois.edu

Jeff Grau
380 MRL
jeffg at illinois.edu

Tao Shang
3027 MRL
taoshang at illinois.edu

Xiaoli Wang
369 MRL
xlwang84 at illinois.edu

Lon Westfall
331 MRL
lonw at illinois.edu