Thermo Nicolet Nexus 670
Thermo Nicolet Nexus 670

Fourier transform infra-red

  • Identify compounds via transmission spectra in the mid- and far-IR.
  • Measure transmission or emission
  • Instrument: Thermo Nicolet Nexus 670

Time-resolved photoluminescence
Time-resolved photoluminescence

Photoluminescence, time-resolved photoluminescence

  • Photoluminescence/fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Excite sample with one wavelength, observe emission at another
  • Measure the lifetime of emitting states with single photon sensitivity and <1 ns temporal resolution.
  • Measures stimulated light emission spectra and lifetimes
  • Excitation wavelengths: 355 nm to 900 nm
  • Sensitivity: single photon
  • Temperature: 4.2 Kelvin to 400 Kelvin

Spectra-Physics Tsunami Ti:sapphire
Spectra-Physics Tsunami Ti:sapphire


  • Femtosecond pump/probe spectroscopy
  • Observe optically-induced changes in optical properties on a 100 fs time-scale.
  • Time resolve optically-induced changes in optical properties
  • Laser: Spectra-Physics Tsunami Ti:sapphire
  • Wavelengths: 350-850 nm

Spex Triplemate, Princeton Instruments CCD
Spex Triplemate, Princeton Instruments CCD


  • Measure frequencies of molecular vibrations, optical phonons (50-1000 cm-1)
  • Measures frequencies of molecular vibrations, and optical phonons
  • Instruments: Spex Triplemate, Princeton Instruments CCD
  • Frequencies: 50–5000 cm-1 (depending on the excitation wavelength).
  • Pump wavelengths: 458–700 nm

Euroscan ps OPO
Euroscan ps OPO


  • Identify bonds and molecules at an interface between centrosymmetric media
  • Identify chemical bonds at buried interfaces
  • Instrument: Euroscan ps OPO
  • Spectral range: 2.5 µm to 20 µm
  • Spectral resolution: 1.8 cm-1

Varian/Cary 5 G
Varian/Cary 5 G

Transmission and reflection

  • Spectrophotometry
  • Basic optical characterization in the UV, visible, and near-IR (190-3300 nm)
  • Instrument: Varian/Cary 5 G
  • Specular and diffuse reflectance, transmitance, and total fluorescence measurements in the range of wavelengths between 175 nm and 3300 nm
  • Assortment of sample holders for liquid cells and solid samples
  • Liquid samples can be varied between 0 Celcius and 100 Celcius