Equipment Location: 
0026 Supercon

The 2010F is an energy filtering, field-emission analytic TEM/STEM. It is ideal for small probe work including: HAADF STEM, nanodiffraction, and spatially resolved EELS and EDS. It operates at 200kV and uses a Schottky field emitter. The 2010F is equipped with an energy filter to filter both images and diffraction patterns as well as act as a energy-loss spectrometer. The system is capable of EDS/EELS mapping, holography, and in-situ heating and cooling. Both intensified video rate and slow-scan CCD cameras are available. The system is controlled by the JEOL FasTEM system allowing total computer control of the system.


  • Cs = 1.0mm Cc = 1.4mm
  • Energy 200kV
  • Tilt 40 degrees on one axis and 30 degrees on the other
  • HAADF Resolution = 0.18nm
  • HREM Point resolution = 0.24nm
  • Information Limit > 0.12nm
  • Lens Type-Side entry (Condenser/Objective)
  • Energy Spread 0.7eV


  • Image Filter - Gatan Image Filter (GIF) 2001
  • EDS - Oxford INCA 30mm ATW detector
  • Digital Imaging - 1k CCD on GIF
  • Digital Scan - Gatan Digiscan and Oxford INCA
  • Video - Intensified off-axis and GIF cameras
  • Computer Control - FasTEM
  • Biprism
  • HAADF Detector
  • 1000ºC double tilt holder
  • Liquid N2 double tilt holder