Cameca ims 5f

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The Cameca ims 5f SIMS is a member of the class of instruments known as magnetic sector SIMS, which uses a combination of electrostatic and magnetic deflection of the secondary beam to select ions of a specific mass-to-charge ratio. The mass range is from 1 to 280 amu.

The Cameca ims 5f SIMS can use either Cs+ or O2+ as the primary ion beam. This choice will lead to signal enhancement of electronegative or electropositive ions, respectively. Sensitivity is in the parts per billion for many elements and mass resolution up to 20,000 is attainable to distinguish elements and molecules with the same nominal mass.

Normal measurements of the Cameca ims 5f are depth profiles of one or several secondary ions. Depth resolution during profiling is 3-15 nm.