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CAMECA LEAP 5000XS: 3D Atom Probe Tomography system

CAMECA LEAP 5000XS: 3D Atom Probe Tomography system

  • 3D imaging and chemical composition at the atomic scale
  • Laser and HV pulsing to evaporate individual ions from the surface
  • Ion efficiency as high as 80%
  • Simultaneous, single ion detection of
    • mass to charge ratio
    • initial x,y,z position of ion with sub-nm resolution
  • Excellent multi-hit detection capabilities
  • Fast and variable repetition rate for ultra-high speed data acquisition

Upgrades for the Cypher AFM System

research image of nail adhesion

Conductive AFM (dual-gain ORCA) cantilever holder for the Asylum Cypher AFM

  • Conductive AFM—biasing the sample and measuring current through the AFM tip
  • Scanning with applied bias and monitoring current through the sample
  • I—V (current vs. voltage) curves at chosen locations on samples
  • Dual-gain preamplifier (1uA/V and 1nA/V) for versatility on samples with a range of conductivities
  • Current measurement range of 4pA to 10uA

Fast Force Mapping upgrad for the Asylum Cypher AFM

  • Enables imaging of samples previously unscannable in an AFM—very soft or adhesive samples
  • Simultaneous topography, stiffness, and adhesion maps
  • A force curve at every pixel of an image for high spatial resolution, fast mechanical measurements
  • Hours -> minutes speed enhancement of force curve acquisition, enabling improved statistics for force mapping
  • In combination with conductive AFM, enables very fast I—V curve acquisition