Equipment coming soon to MRL

Heidelberg MLA150 aligner for maskless photolithography

This instrument eliminates the need of photomasks during photolithography since the design file is exposed directly on to the resist-coated wafer via a two-dimensional spatial light modulator. This maskless process offers flexibility and economy, providing non-contact exposure and very high speed compared to mask-based processes. Full areas of 200 x 200 mm2 with features down to 1 micron can be exposed in only 36 minutes. The MLA150 aligner the MRL just ordered is equipped with two laser illumination modules (405 nm and 375 nm), feature size resolution down to 1 micro, optical autofocus for superior focus stability (in particular on surfaces smaller than 5x5 mm2), and basic gray scale exposure mode to write complex topographies. Instrument delivery, installation and available to the users is expected to take place during fall 2019. The instrument will be located in our cleanroom as part of the micro/nanofabrication core of instrumentation in the MRL Central Research Facilities.

(Images from Heidelberg Instruments)