Becoming a User

Starting Your Research at MRL

The preferred mode of operation at MRL Central Research Facilities is self-use after completing the necessary training. In certain cases when advanced characterization is required or if the project is short-term, facility staff may perform the analysis/processing of samples for users. Researchers who are not from the University of Illinois are required to have a facility use agreement for self-use, or a technical testing agreement for sample analysis by staff, in place. Everyone is required to submit a proposal.

To request adding techniques to an existing project at MRL, select the 'Change of Scope' option (rather than the 'New' option) using the links above.

The following step-by-step guide illustrates the procedure for University of Illinois users, however the steps to submit a proposal are similar for outside academic and non-academic users: How to Submit a Proposal

For fee structure information, please visit the Usage Rates page.

Resource page for the process of becoming an MRL user

Central Research Facilties Use Acknowledgement Requirement