Becoming a User

Starting Your Research at MRL

The preferred mode of operation at MRL Central Research Facilities is self-use after completing the necessary training. In certain cases when advanced characterization is required or if the project is short-term, facility staff may perform the analysis/processing of samples for users. Researchers who are not from the University of Illinois are required to have a facility use agreement for self-use and a technical testing agreement for sample analysis by staff in place. Everyone is required to submit a proposal.

For information on the fee structure, please visit the Usage Rates section.

To request adding techniques to an existing project at MRL, select the 'Change of Scope' option (rather than the 'New' option) using the links above.

The following step-by-step guide illustrates the procedure for University of Illinois users, however the steps to submit a proposal are similar for outside academic and non-academic users: How to Submit a Proposal

Resource page for the process of becoming an MRL user.

Central Research Facilties Use Acknowledgement Requirement